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Immerse yourself in the sheer luxury of our Modal Silk Saree, meticulously crafted to exude elegance and charm with every sway.

What sets our Modal Silk Saree apart is the exquisite doodle designs adorning its surface, each a manifestation of artistic ingenuity and creative expression.

Moreover, to complement your saree, a color-coordinated silk blouse piece is included, ensuring a complete and cohesive look.

Note: interlocking, pico stitching, and fall bidding are tasks to be completed by the customer

Care Instructions:

Dry clean only: Modal Silk fabric requires delicate care, so it's best to entrust your saree to a professional dry cleaner for gentle cleaning.

Handle with care: When wearing or storing your saree, handle it with care to prevent snagging or damage to the intricate doodle designs.

Iron with caution: Use a low-temperature setting on your iron or steam your saree gently to remove wrinkles.
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