About Us

By definition, doodling means to absentmindedly scribble, but for me, it is the art that hasn’t yet been unveiled. The full potential of a small doodle was tapped by me when I poured in my hours, focus, and zeal into it. From the last pages of notebooks to large canvases.

My passion for fountain pens was born when I was in school and has persevered as a reflection in my ever-growing collection of pens. Doodling became a natural recourse for me, as all through my school years, I covered the last pages of notebooks with my art. Even during my professional life, this habit stayed and drawings heavily overshadowed the notes in my diaries. Much later I realized how tough it is for an art enthusiast to continue to act as a Banker. Sabbatical had to follow.

Funnily enough, even 14 years of entrepreneurship failed to awaken the artist in me. Countless adulations about my handwriting skills were answered with a humble smile, as the artist kept sleeping. It was March 2020, the fateful period of the first lockdown, that I started doodling seriously. Back then, it was to beat the stress rather than make art, but as time passed, the starving artist in me awoke.

My art or my doodles were born due to my focus, concentration and passion. Now I wish others to experience this creativity that kept me going during the pandemic. This “Quarantine Doodler” had only dreamt of his work adorning other homes, much less his own. With ARVY, I bring you the purest form of art, in handmade prints that are unique and loved.

- Rahul Vyas